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Candle Magickal Properties

BLACK : Associated with warding off evil and negativity as well as reversal of hexes. Also used to increase psychic ability and for spirit contact.

DARK BLUE: Associated with water, inspiration, protection and keeping lovers true. Also used for meditation.

AQUA: Associated with creativity, tranquility, and patience.

LT. BLUE: Associated with healing, intuition and happiness. Also used to combat depression and to increase harmony within the home.

BROWN: Known to increase steadiness and endurance and to improve health. Attract money, customers and physical objects.

GOLD: Aligned with the Sun Gods, solar energy, physical and emotional strength. Also used for fortune, good luck and gambling skills.

GRAY: Used for transcendental travel, vision quests, veiling, protection and hex cancellation.

GREEN: Used to increase fertility, growth and money. Aligned with the Earth and nature spirits; can be used for blessing marriages or hand-fasting.

ORANGE: Aligned with energy, healing and vitality and to change your luck.

PINK: Used to bring love and peach to you. Increase femininity, honor, spiritual awakening, spirit healing and togetherness.

PURPLE: Associated with power and dignity. Also used to increase ambition, honor, spiritual healing, empowerment and exorcism power. Also used for self-improvement and increased intuition.

RED: Associated with love, protection, strength, passion courage, sensuality and energy. Aligned with the Fire element.

SILVER: Associated with lunar magick and opening astral gates. Removes negative forces and enhanced creative endeavors and success.

WHITE: Used for protection and purification, full moon magick. Aligned with purity, innocence, truth, peace and spirituality.

YELLOW: Aligned with Air. Used to increase intellect, learning ability, handle changes, harmony, charm and action.

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